Harnessing the power of fashion.

Fashion reflects change as much as it encourages it. It’s almost a $3 trillion industry. It stretches from the fields of India to New York City’s Madison Ave. An estimated 75 million people work in the garment industry around the world, most of them are women. 

And though there’s a vast number of women engaged in the global economy, few of them are given a voice or agency to affect change. Especially when it comes to building resilient communities.Through Fashion Makes Change, Brands and retailers throughout the industry are mobilizing to educate & empower women within their own value chains. FMC invites consumers to join industry efforts. The work will be additive to existing efforts and we hope will allow for an unprecedented collaboration that will result in a new order of magnitude.

Commerce is a powerful vehicle. Individuals and businesses making conscious choices to support women can really change the world for the better.

The role of women and resilient communities.

Women are disproportionately affected by the repercussions of climate change and their vital voices are often missing from the decision-making process. Providing educational opportunities for women in communities globally is a powerful lever for breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Community builders by nature, investing in women creates profound ripple effects, making them paramount to building climate resilience.  

Women lead the way towards a more sustainable world. Experts point to women’s education as the 6th greatest opportunity to remediate the climate crisis in a ranking of the top 100. When we invest in girls and women, whole communities win. Girls and women belong at the center of sustainable development.

As women make up 75% of the supply chain, it is the perfect place to educate at scale. The funds aggregated will support the delivery and implementation of education, advocacy and training to embed gender equity in all areas and accelerate a global agenda of women’s empowerment.