Shopify Partnership

Fashion Makes Change x Shopify

Joining forces to accelerate solutions for people and the planet.

Shopify was founded on a mission to make commerce better for everyone. With its recent partnership with Fashion Makes Change, Shopify hopes to help brands and consumers create a more sustainable supply chain and ecosystem for the fashion industry. This partnership is part of Shopify’s greater commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Commerce is a powerful vehicle. Individuals and businesses making conscious choices to support women and decarbonization can change the world. Shopify is an active driver of the FMC movement and is supporting efforts to engage retailers and brands from across the merchant ecosystem to join this initiative.

Round Up and Donate App for Shopify

Our round-up and donate app is powered by Pledge, an award-winning developer that pioneered donations on Shopify and facilitates millions in donations to worldwide causes.

  • Quick and easy integration

    In minutes, your store and/or customers can donate seamlessly. This helps customer conversion rates and does not slow down site speed.

  • Engage consumers

    Invite consumers to round up their purchase or donate, joining industry efforts to educate & empower women in supply chain communities.

  • Drive collective impact

    Fashion is uniting to build resilient communities by accelerating a global agenda of women’s empowerment & gender equity in value chains.

View our Round Up App
Download our Fashion Makes Change Round Up App at the Shopify app store.